Mesmerizing tale of determination, entreprenureship, courage and foresight

1975- A star is Born

In 1975, a star was born to shine when Wallan Group was founded, later to become one of the leading family businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.The beginning was very simple. It was an individual establishment with determined potential. It had owned tankers to transport water and fuel for contracting companies, during the first oil boom that occurred in the country in the mid-1970s and early1980s


During the oil boom, the Saudi government started focused spending on various programs on the country’s infrastructure. This offered huge business opportunities in many sectors of the economy. Thus, Wallan Trading Company (WTC) learnt to diversify its business and benefit from the opportunities.

Wallan transformed from a small establishment to a large business group, including several strategic business units, such as:

  • An automobile franchise: the first distributor agency for Hyundai Motor Company in Saudi Arabia
  • Aviation: With Cessna Business Jets, Bell Helicopter and Dassault Falcon sales, service, charters and pilot training
  • Car rental
  • Real estate investment and development
  • Land transport
  • Air and sea freight
  • Travel and tourism


Wallan is now a leading Business Conglomerate in the Saudi market. It proactively observes and approaches investment opportunities and business partners, always aware that it must be able to deliver on its promises and ensure investment objectives. The Group has several strengths that attract investors, these include:

Wallan is an established Group with 4 decades of business achievements in the market.

We have credible international relations and partnerships with our high caliber principals; such as South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company, USA Cessna Aircraft Company and Bell Helicopter, and France’s Dassault Falcon.

Annual revenues of the Group exceed 3 billion Saudi Riyals. The Group also respects its financial liabilities thoroughly and accurately, and does not delay or procrastinate.

The Group has a robust culture of discipline. Abiding by deadlines and promises is an important factor in the success of each partnership in which we enter. The Group’s confidence in its partners and dealing with them on the basis of respect and commitment to our word precedes all written documents.

Our Memories

Our 40+ Years of of history is full of exciting moments that energizes us to keep on  moving forward and exploring new business venues with the same  zeal & energy that was present at our inception

Our Awards & Accolades

Our exceptional performance has been recognized locally as well as globally by our Partners & Stakeholders

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Wallan Trading Company - Name of Trust

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